What I do for money

Here’s where you find all the fun things I do while teaching you, your friends or kids art.  I also do serious things like curating your show or critiquing your work if  you are stuck or need another eye to see for you.

LIVE Painting

Raw Awards 2010 

I was honored to be a guest artist for this fun short  entertainment demonstration at the RAW Awards night.

RAW is a fun environment to get your feet wet into the LA art scene.

Live painting is a great way to share the whole art experience.

I show up with all of the equipment I need and paint.

I work in acrylic or watercolor  for live demos.  Oil upon request and my approval only as some people have sensitivity to terpenoids

Contact me at  Ckay@ckayart.com

Summer Children’s Art Camp

Children need something positive and fun during the summer months and when school’s are not is session.  Summer Art Camp is the place for the child who is creative or interested in learning art along with life lessons.

Art projects are varied and designed for the appropriate age and ability.  One child may be working on a color chart whilst another is painting.  It all is based on the individual ability.  The majority of projects will be the entire class.

These classes are very limited in size.  Personal instruction is important.

 Only 8-10 students per class.  6-10 year olds comprise one class.  I will allow older siblings into this class if more convenient. for the family.

Classes for 11-14 year olds will create more complicated works and have a more structured art teaching in technical aspects  added to the curriculum.  

Older students can look into private or group lessons.

Contact me at  Ckay@ckayart.com

Adult Art Parties

These parties are for those adventurous souls who want something unique for Birthdays, holidays or just because it’s spring!  

These are a blast and I can accommodate at your place or mine depending on the size of the party. 

 Rates are based on project and number of people  participating.  Customized for your wishes.  Just email me  

Collage , acrylic painting, watercolor, or other guided craft keepsake. 

Ceramic coming soon!

Email me at Ckay@ckayart.com

Kids Art Parties

See above with the exception of kid friendly products and projects and not done at my place.  Rental and location is the responsibility of the host.  I will help where I can.  Be assured I am fingerprinted and cleared by the Parks and Rec as well as the local School District.  I am safe.  I teach children on a very regular basis and have training to deal with situations that may arise.

Rates are based on project and number of people attending and participating.  Customized for your wishes.  Just email me  ckay@ckayart.com

Contact me at  Ckay@ckayart.com

Private Art Sessions

Contact me at  Ckay@ckayart.com